Engine Valves

Carbon build up on engine valve Carbon build up on engine valve

After each combustion cycle, valves gradually become clogged with carbon deposits. 

Excessive accumulation of soot can lead to the progressive deterioration of normal engine performance.

Engine noise increase is another negative impact of cabon build up on your engine valves.

Valves are not very accessable, so for most drivers, it is a difficult situation to assess. Therefore, proper engine maintenance is imperative. Fuel is injected directly in the combustion chamber, all combustion and oil residues on the intake valves stay on the valve stem and start layering up.

With our state of the art equipment, and brand new carbon technology the intake valves can be cleaned without having to take apart the cylinder or even remove it's cover.

You will be impressed with the instant results. Within half an hour, all the engines valves are clean and proper engine function is restored.

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